Caso Cerrado

Caso Cerrado

Dr. Ana Maria Polo Telemundo reached with his hit show “Couples Room,” which in 2005 would reach a new stage of adopting the name “Case Closed” and today has become the number one Hispanic television in the United States.

If closed is very human situations and emotions are intense live where the goal is to solve from relationship problems, to the most outrageous and amazing legal battles that may arise in court. Dr. Polo always gives us a thorough analysis of the various dilemmas and leave us a positive teaching that educates all viewers from home with it.

In 2010, the program enters a new era and starts ¨ ¨ Case Closed Star Edition, a new and very dynamic format in which Dr. Polo examine all evidence and every witness to the panelists to make the right decision and fair each case, and so end each night with the phrase that has stood out for many years … I said ¨ ¨ case closed.

Monday to Friday in a primetime 7pm/6c.

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